4398404Does the thought of going to the dentist stress you out and cause you to avoid regular dental visits? You’re not alone!

Sedation dentistry can help you overcome the fears that stop you from seeking the dental care you need. It’s important to know that a visit to the dentist can be a positive experience. Our in-office sedation provides a relaxing and anxiety-free experience when receiving dental treatment and can allow you to complete multiple appointments in a single visit.

Dr. Frerich was one of the first sedation dentists in the country and has done over 3500 sedation cases to date. Our wonderful team will answer any questions or concerns you have and put your fears to rest.

Sedation dentistry may help you if:

  • You are fearful or anxious of going to the dentist.
  • Local anesthetics do not have a numbing effect on you.
  • You have sensitive gag reflex.
  • You suffer from any physical conditions, such as neck or back pain, which could lead to discomfort while sitting in a dentist’s chair.